1700+ staff endorse our claim!

1700+ endorse our claim!EA UPDATE 5

Over 1700 union members across Crown have now endorsed our World Class Standard – our claim for world class pay and conditions.

This is an amazing result. It shows Crown there is enormous support for our claim when your Union Bargaining Team starts negotiating Crown management on a new EA during the week of 20 May.

Literally thousands of Crown staff from every area and every department have now signed their names to our claim.

This massive show of unity and strength sends a strong and clear message to Crown that union members are ready to stand up for the pay and conditions we deserve.

One of the most important conditions members want to improve is annual leave. Members have said over and over again that an extra week annual leave will be a huge improvement that we all need to stand together for and win.

Rob & RhetaWe work unsociable hours that cut us off from our families and friends, so it’s essential that we improve our work-life balance with an extra week of annual leave each year.

Other key claims for our world class standard include world class wages, transparent career progression, genuine consultation and job security.

“In just three weeks over 1700 staff members have endorsed our claim. This is us as a union showing Crown we’re ready to stand up for what we deserve,” said Jac Trimboli a F&B delegate in the Mahogany Room.

“Everyone agrees that everything on the claim is something that we deserve and should get,” said Anthony Denehey a delegate from Crown Towers.

After such an amazing result in our claim endorsement, now is the time for everyone to get involved in our campaign. So make sure you join your union and speak to our delegate about your role in the fight for our right to a World Class Standard at Crown!

What you need to do now:

  1. Unity is strength – so join our union! And if you’re already a member, ask your workmates to join.
  2. Help spread the word. Like us on Facebook