In our 8th bargaining meeting held on 1 August 2013, our Union Bargaining Team formally rejected management’s substandard offer and told them to come back to the table at our next meeting with a REAL world-class offer.

In mid-July management put forward a proposal rejecting key claims in our World Class Standard. Management refused annual leave and proposed wage increases of just 3%, despite this being well below the standard of other Crown staff, such as Area Managers and Property Services.  To make matters worse they flatly refused improved safety, job security and respect.

Members from all over Crown have been speaking out to say that this offer is disrespectful and well below the world-class standard that we deserve. After huge participation in our recent SMS poll, our Bargaining Team was able to tell management that 99% of members surveyed did not accept management’s cheapskate proposal.

Our Union Bargaining Team have formally called on management to come back with a genuine and  improved offer by our next bargaining meeting, which is scheduled for late next week.

“James Packer and Crown management’s offer is a joke! Members made this very clear to us: it simply wasn’t good enough. Today we demanded that management come back with a real offer-show us respect!,” said Dave Francis, a Table Games Delegate

Members are sick and tired of Crown crying poor when they know that Crown’s cheapskate offer will leave them, and their families, unable to make ends meet.

That is why members across Crown are writing their own personal messages to Packer demanding that management come back with a REAL world-class offer that meets the standard we deserve.

Make sure you come to our union desk to write your message and tell management loud and clear: THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH CROWN! You need to come back with a REAL offer.

What you need to do now

  1. Write your message to James Packer.
    Collect your wrist band/sticker and update your details at the ID’s union desk.

  2. Unity is strength – so join our union! 
    And if you’re already a member, ask your workmates to join.