In 2013 union members at Crown Melbourne ran an ENORMOUS campaign to fight for world-class pay and conditions. And we won!

Crown agreed to new career structures across the casino. That means real recognition for our experience and skills as we go forward in our careers.

We’ve won systems to help protect hotel workers and others at risk of having their jobs contracted out. Part-time workers now have a fair, transparent process to move to full-time employment. And all of us also won four per cent pay increases each year for the next three years.

We can be REALLY, REALLY proud of our campaign. We took part in nearly 10,000 separate campaign actions across the year. That isn’t big. That’s ENORMOUS. And we did it together.

Crown Delegates

Through our campaign, we’ve kept our place as Australia’s best-paid casino workers. And, most importantly, our wages and working conditions match the world-class standard of service we deliver to patrons at Crown Melbourne every single day.

But we also know that the only way we can enforce what we’ve won and win improvements into the future is by becoming an even bigger, stronger and more powerful union at Crown.

So if you haven’t joined our union yet, there’s no better time than now. You can also support our campaign by liking us on Facebook, and following us on Twitter.