It’s all about respect

Ben SorensenBy Ben Sorensen, Dealer - Crown Melbourne

More pay is always a good thing, but so is work satisfaction and career progression.

That’s why dealers want to see a secure progression through the table games classification structure.

We want to see our careers develop because ongoing training in any job is a really good and a really positive thing to make a workplace more interesting and more vibrant. And at the same time, we want our pay to recognise that we are loyal staff with real commitment to our work. 

People feel they are getting stuck and there’s a lot of anger and frustration without a clear path for progression.

And that’s why we want to see staff progress up the structure and be properly recognised for their experience, dedication and loyalty.

Because staff want to train and learn, they want to do more, but they also want to be fairly compensated for their devotion to Crown.

This is a work satisfaction issue, but it’s also a respect issue. It’s about respecting the commitment staff have made to Crown by enabling us to progress.

The best thing about working at Crown is the people, and I really want this for them.

So everyone at Crown needs to endorse our proposal so we can enjoy better careers.

Because Crown is the largest casino in the Southern Hemisphere and with world-class standards we can make sure it’s the best.


Ben Sorensen is a member of your Union Bargaining Team.