Area managers win a great new Enterprise Agreement

Area managers across Table Games and Cage & Count have voted overwhelmingly to accept a new Enterprise Agreement.

The Agreement’s great deal on pay means that most AMs will be more than 12% better off over three years. Other key wins include better leave options, a fair path for career progression and improved conditions in case of redundancy.

The Agreement will now be lodged with the Fair Work Commission. Once approved all AMs will receive back pay from 1 July 2015.

The bargaining team said: "It took all of us working together to win recognition for our experience and our contribution to the casino. We strengthened our union, with membership growing by more than 30% over just a few months, and made sure we kept ourselves and our co-workers up to date. By doing this, we’ve won a better future."

"It just goes to show that we stand together in our Casino Union, we are powerful and we can win. So make sure you join our union!"

Huge congratulations to every area manager! If you want more details, or have a specific question about the Agreement, visit the union desk, speak to a delegate, or call the Union Rights Centre on (03) 9235 7777.

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