Make sure you've been backpaid!

How does backpay work?

3.75% pay increase: One of the wins made by Casino Union members was to secure back pay for your pay rise. This means that in your last pay check (25 January), Crown will have provided you with the 3.75% pay rise back paid from the first pay check of this financial year until 22 January. 

0.5% ‘recognition allowance’: The 0.5% ‘recognition allowance’ will be paid to all Crown staff twice yearly – in December and June each year. This means the recognition allowance back pay will be for the period between 1 July to 11 December 2016 and will be paid on all gross earnings including your 3.75% pay increase. The next payment will be in June.

If you have any issues with your back pay, please give our union rights centre a call on 03 9235 7777.

Annual leave working parties

Better access to annual leave: During the EA campaign, we won the right to ‘annual leave working parties’ in each Crown business unit. The working parties will be focused on improving Crown employees access to annual leave, specifically during black out periods. 

Have your say on annual leave: Each party will include 5 employee reps. If you want to have your say on better access to annual leave, then you can nominate yourself to be involved by emailing 

There are annual leave working parties for table games, food and beverage, hotels, cage & count, security and ‘other’.