Today the employee ballot for the proposed EA was completed and counted with employees overwhelmingly voting “yes” to approve their new Agreement. With over 76% of employees voting “yes” to the EA, it shows once again that we are Crown, and we deserve the world class standards in our new EA.


This final stage in the process comes after an amazing level of participation throughout our campaign by union members.

Together, we truly have put our faces and our voices in front of management. We have put them under enormous pressure that has resulted in us wining world class improvements to wages and conditions across Crown.

Members have shown that we are crown by putting our faces to the campaign through our photo petition earlier the year. In August, we again stood up to call for the world class standard we deserve by putting our stories out in letters to James Packer. But the largest act of member strength and power came in September when staff from across the casino came together for the largest union meetings ever held at Crown. We put a tough ultimatum on management: deliver world-class
wages and conditions or we will take industrial action.

Through our strength and unity, we now have a World Class Standard EA that delivers wage increases that will protect our place as Australia’s highest-paid casino workers. Our new EA also locks in career development, with major improvements to career progression in areas like Table Games and Security. We’ve won improved access to time away from work to improve work/life balance, real consultation to help protect job security in areas like Hotels, and the respect of proper consultation
about our work.

Our new EA will now go to the Fair Work Commission for final approval and to be made legally binding. It is at this stage that employees will receive our new wage rates, and our back pay from July 2013.

We Are Crown, and by sticking together and fighting as a united union, we have won our World Class Standard EA.