Bargaining Team Election

members_speakup2.jpgVote now. Have your say on who represents you on your union bargaining team.

Your vote is important. These people will represent you in negotiations with Crown as we push for world class pay and conditions.

How to vote

This vote is for union members only.

When you click on the link to cast your vote, you will be asked for your Crown ID. Your Crown ID will be used to verify you are a current union member. Any non-members will be automatically excluded from the final vote.

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PLEASE NOTE: A vote is being held only for departments where there are more nominees than there are positions available on the team. These departments include Table Games, Security and Services (Laundry, Valet, Stores & Call Centres).

Table Games Candidates

There are eight positions available on the bargaining team. Four positions are for One-Two Game Dealers. Four Positions are for Three (or more) Game Dealers.

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Owen Chen

Owen Chen








 I am passionate, caring and believe that we are a community here and we need to support each other to achieve a fair outcome.

Matt Poynter

Matt Poynter








I have three years industry experience. I am currently studying fourth-year law, having already completed subjects on advocacy and negotiations.

Ed Marlin

Ed Martin








I have a Bachelor of Commerce. I have previous debating experience. I will fight to make Crown a better place for all.

Dorian Johnson









I have worked at Crown for almost five years and am very interested in the EA outcome. 

Tamara Holdsworth









Career progression is extremely important to me. And after being part of the 2010 bargaining team I would like to further win the best conditions possible for all at Crown.

James Harmor

James Harmor








I am a knowledgeable dealer who has enough fight to win what we need.


Ben Sorensen

Ben Sorensen








I have industrial relations and negotiation experience.


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Colin Buckle

Colin Buckle








I have 12 years experience working at Crown.


Shell Cooper









I am well known by a lot of people in all departments. I am fair and I will fight for what the members want.


Robert Szatkowski

Rob Szatkowski








I am ready, willing and able to commit 100% to the bargaining process. I have been at  Crown for a long time and have had many opportunities to deal with Crown management. This experience will serve the membership well.


Wilfredo Ingles









I have a been union and health and safety representative for over seven years. I have excellent negotiation skills and can relate to fellow workers and communicate with all levels of management.


Sue Szalay









I have the experience of being part of the last bargaining team. I have the ability to find workable compromiseto get what the members want and I also have the ability to listen to what is said constructively.


Simon Tack









I understand the issues affecting my fellow workers as well as the broader issues.


Dave Francis









Please see my article posted on the website. I am experienced at EA negotiations and have the best interests of the staff at heart.


Serge Becirovic









I am a proactive member and union delegate. I have worked in the Mahogany Room for over ten years and I have good bargaining and negotiating skills.


Stuart Stow

Stuart Stow








I stand for a fair deal for all of Crown not just Table Games.


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Security Team Candidates

Are you a union member in the Security Team? Vote here!



Dave Anderson









I want to do the best for EA employees and the Security Department.

Brian Pietsch

Brian Pietsch








I believe and I know that I have the ability to communicate to all security officers and their issues. I also understand the interactions necessary to achieve a win, taking into account all the employees that work at Crown.

Jim Harris 


Fairness is in my personality and I want to achieve the best outcome for all.

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Services Team Candidates

Are you a union member in the Services Team? Vote here!


David Durosomo

David Durosomo








I know what my team expects of me and will to fight to make sure they have their say.

Chris Moodie

Chris Moodie








I have undergone this process many times in New Zealand at both NZ Post and Courier Post.



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