Casino Union Bargaining Team Elections

As we have received more nominations than positions available for the Casino Union 2019 bargaining team, we are asking you to vote for your preferred candidates.

Nominations open at 12pm Wednesday 6th February and close at 8pm Wednesday 13 February.

Please see below for details of candidates from each area and their nominating statements (if provided).

Table Games - Premium

Limei Chen

Christopher Ball - I have been at Crown for the past 6 and a half years. I have been a Union Delegate for 4 years and Health and Safety Representative for over 3 years. I was also on the EA Bargaining Team in 2016. I understand the issues we face at work and I believe I know how we can fix them and improve things. I know our EA inside-out and believe I would be a valuable asset to our Bargaining Team. I would appreciate it if you voted for me so I can be in the bargaining room acting on your behalf. 

Matthew Poynter

Benny (Ying Wai) Fong

Simon Tack

Adrian Lidsey

Benny Chan

Yoyo Tse

Sue Szalay - I have been a table games employee since 1999, a morning shifter for the last 13 years, and a union delegate since 2009. I have been on the last 3 EA negotiations as a morning shift representative, helping to improve our pay and conditions and giving our shift a real voice. I always endeavour to achieve the best possible outcomes and to ensure people are kept informed and have a clear understanding of what is happening. I look forward to once again having your vote of confidence in the upcoming negotiations. 


Table Games - Main Gaming Floor

Rodney Mitchell

Sebastian Chui

Wilfredo Ingles - I have worked at Crown for almost 20 years & have been a Union Delegate for most of that time, I was a member of the last EA negotiating team successfully arguing for the recognition allowance & part time conversions among other things, I can find valid arguments to highlight the needs of dealers in table games but I can also argue for better pay & working conditions for all departments within crown. Because I have no personal ambitions I can direct all my energy and efforts to achieve successful outcomes for all dealers, my compromise is to get the best possible EA for everyone, those who know me understand that I'm not intimidated by management & that I always find strong arguments to present on behalf of my colleagues, my commitment to help those more vulnerable & my willingness to work hard to achieve a fairer workplace. 

Karin Witnish

Tarryn Brandon Cremer - After 5 and a half years and countless unjust situations within the workplace, I have decided to work with my Casino union to make a change for the better. I invite you to help me change the narrative and ensure that we all have what we are entitled to; a fair and equal workplace with transparency across the board.  Help me to fight for the pay rise we deserve; one that reflects our consistent sacrifices and hard work.

Andrew Chance

David Wilks - Most of you know me. I am a union delegate that is happy to stand up for staff. If elected I will fight to see crown step up and provide us the quality jobs and respect we have earnt!

Frank Sermeliotis

Peter Williams

Samuel Burdock



Mukti Das

Geoff Phips - Hi, I'm Geoff, and I've been a United Voice member for 14 yrs, and a delegate and activist for 8 yrs, as well as a HSR for 11 yrs. I am on the Crown Employee Consultative Committee, and Work Life Rostering Committee. I would like to continue my involvement in making Crown a better place to work, by joining the Bargaining Team for the coming EA negotiations. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the members in my Department for their support.

David Durosomo


Food & Beverage (back of house)

Sates Dhekonda

Jermaya Gurech - My name is Jermaya and I have worked for the last seven years in the Food and Beverage department. I am seeking your vote because I want to represent Back of House food and beverage workers and to also help our team achieve the best outcomes for all Crown staff in this upcoming E.A agreement.

Mitchell Round

Faith Villagrasa - union member and delegate since my first day at Crown, member organiser, have been on the last two bargaining teams


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