Are you committed to jobs you can count on?

By now everyone who works at Crown should have heard about Jobs You Can Count On. It's all about better hours, career progression, respect and safety at work. We need to join together to show Crown that we're committed to winning all of these things.

Over the next few weeks you'll see a puzzle vault at the desk near ID's. What lies beneath the vault is a striking image representing the power of the the Casino Union. But before you can see this awesome image, we need to unlock a series of panels on the board by it's side.

How do we unlock each panel? Well by committing to jobs you can count on of course! Simply fill out one of the coloured keys (representing your work area) and stick it to a panel. As each panel is unlocked, we'll remove the corresponding square of our puzzle image! 

Excited to join in? Head to the desk near ID's now to add your name to the commitment. 

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