Cook Mitchell Round on why he's a delegate

Here's Mitchell Round, cook extraordinaire and proud union delegate, on how he's been inspired to help his friends and colleagues at Crown win better, safer jobs.


“I work at Crown in F&B, and have been a union member for two and a half years. I was inspired to become a delegate four months ago after personally experiencing how important a supportive delegate can be when I had some issues at work. I want to help people like I was helped.

"Over the past couple of days we’ve all been learning how to support members during grievance procedures, and it’s been great. I’ve learned a lot – especially from other delegates on the course, who are sharing their experiences of representing casino workers over the years.

“Although I’m just starting out, my confidence has grown a lot from being involved in my ECC. At first I was quiet in the meetings, but now I’m really outspoken about making positive changes in Food & Bev. I’m actually looking forward to our next EA, too – I want F&B workers to get more recognition for the hard work we do.

"That’s why everyone at Crown should join our union – we’ve already achieved so much, but if we can build a bigger, stronger union we’ll be even more powerful. Get involved today!”

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