Crown Breaks Their Commitment To You

owen_eaupdate0_403.pngEA UPDATE 9

This Friday your Union Bargaining Team had our 4th bargaining meeting with Crown.

In this meeting Crown broke their commitment to respond to our claim for a World Class Standard.


In the previous bargaining meeting, your delegates got Crown to agree to respond by 4 July. Now Crown have broken that commitment by delaying their response by an additional two weeks. That means their response could be as far away as 19 July.

The current Agreement expires 1 July. Pushing their response back means real costs to our members, who should get their first pay rise from 1 July.

Our bargaining team think that this just isn’t good enough.

Crown need to know that we won’t put up with this disrespect. They need to see and hear from all members that we will not accept these delays.

photo-petition.jpgOur bargaining team are calling on everyone to take part in a photo petition showing Crown that enough is enough: It’s time to respond.

“Crown lied to us. They’re trying to delay the new EA.  They say they will only give us a response by as late as 19 July. We cannot trust them any more. Members will be really frustrated. We need to put pressure on Crown. Everyone needs to join in our photo petition,” said Ashok Sharma, Hotels Delegate.

“All non-members need to join our union because we’re only as strong as our union,” said Ashok

“Crown has started to play their games. Just like the last bargaining in 2010, Crown has lied to us. They’ve broken their promise. It just shows how little respect they have for our union and their workforce,” said Tamara Holdsworth, Table Games Delegate.                                    

“Crown lied to us. They promised to respond to our proposals on 4 July. Now they’re saying they’ll respond as late as 19 July. I think everyone will be very disappointed. We all need to join in the photo petition and show Crown that they need to respect us,” said Owen Chen, Table Games Delegate.

Our Union Bargaining Team has set up another meeting for 4 July to give Crown every opportunity to do the right thing and respond to us.

It’s important that you stand up and tell Crown directly that it’s time to respond. So make sure you do our photo petition now.

What you need to do now

  1. Join our photo petition to CrownGo to our Union Table near IDs and get you photo taken!
  2. Unity is strength – so join our union! And if you’re already a member, ask your workmates to join.

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