Crown Responds to Members’ Call for Transparency

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This Thursday our Bargaining Team had our third meeting with Crown about our new EA. In this meeting Crown responded to our claims for improved transparency in career progression and conversion and between part-time and full-time status.

For far too long people have been stuck in limbo as their requests to convert from part-time to full-time have gone ignored or have gotten lost in the system. That’s why our members have put forward our claim for a fair, transparent system for employees to move between part-time to full-time status.

At the meeting, delegates fought hard and won a commitment from Crown to set up a transparent system that members can count on when requesting a change to their part-time or full-time status.

At the meeting, your delegates also argued strongly why a clear career progression structure is vital to all members, everywhere at Crown. Crown acknowledged the importance of this issue and agreed to a career progression structure that gives preference to existing Crown staff.

Despite these important steps forward, delegates were frustrated that we still don’t have a response to the rest of our World Class Standard.

Delegates made it clear to Crown that members will not accept these negotiations being dragged out or delayed.

As a result, Crown committed to a clear timeline to respond to all outstanding claims.

“Crown is still playing games. But we did really well. We pushed them forward because this is too important to all our members to waste time,” said Su Jholl, F&B delegate.

Members can feel proud that by speaking with a loud, united voice we have got Crown to agree to real transparency in career development and part-time and full-time conversion.

Crown has asked for another meeting next Friday. In the meantime it’s vital that all members speak out loud and clear about why our World Class Standard is so important to you.

What you need to do now

  1. Unity is strength – so join our union! And if you’re already a member, ask your workmates to join.
  2. Tell us why our claim is important to you. Leave your comment here.


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