Delegates tell Crown: It’s response time!



On Friday 7 June, our Union Bargaining Team had our second bargaining meeting with Crown. In this meeting your delegates took senior managers through our proposals for world class pay and conditions.

They called on Crown to respond to our proposals by the next meeting, on Thursday 13 June.

Your team talked Crown through all five parts of our World Class Standard – world class pay, career development, work-life balance, job security and respect.

Delegates from each department did a fantastic job explaining to Crown how our proposals should be applied to their areas – and why our proposals are so important to members in their teams and departments.

Our delegates made it clear that a key claim for all departments is our proposal for a fair, transparent system to convert between part-time and full-time. Currently there is no clear way to request conversion. They warned that members will not accept being stuck in limbo any longer. We want to lock in a new system that allow us to see exactly where we are in the queue to convert.

“I think it went well. I think Crown was surprised by our strength and unity.  We were very vocal: We explained our proposals thoroughly and we supported each other. It’s up to Crown now to respond to our claims,” said Sue Szalay from Table Games.

Now that we have explained our claims the ball in Crown’s court to start responding to our proposals in the next meeting.

What you need to do now

  1. Unity is strength – so join our union! And if you’re already a member, ask your workmates to join.
  2. Tell us why our claim is important to you. Leave your comment here.


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