Drafting complete - preview the EA!

"We’re really proud of the hard work members have done this year. And we’re proud to support them voting YES to this new agreement!" – Casino Union Bargaining Team

Locking in your new EA

Over the past few weeks, our Casino Union bargaining team has been working hard holding casino management to account on the draft EA. 

We have now finished the drafting stage and a copy of the EA can be viewed here.

A vote on the new EA will then be held over the coming weeks. 

A YES vote will lock in all the new improvements and pay increases that union members have won after our campaign this year.

Download & preview the agreement

The next step before the EA goes to a vote is for all Casino Union members to preview the agreement. 

Crown will be sending out a copy of the draft EA to all employees and it is also available for download here

A summary of changes will be available at the union desk (by IDs) starting from next week.

Big wins in the new EA

Casino Union members stood up and won big!

For the first time ever, all casino employees will get recognition for the late nights, hard work and sacrifice through the new Recognition Allowance - on top of annual pay increases. Some members will also be able to access classification upgrades, convert to higher bands or full time and get more requested days off

Its because we have the biggest, loudest and strongest Casino Union in the country. For years we have stood up for good jobs and pay, and this new EA proves that.