Drafting for new EA begins!

Over the last two weeks, union delegates and organisers have been engaged in extensive consultation with members about the current proposal for our new Enterprise Agreement. As a result of this consultation,  a full copy of the proposed Agreement will soon be available to all employees. 

The drafting and ballot process for the Agreement will go through the following stages:


Your bargaining team has now commenced the important task of drafting the new agreement. Once that process has finished the proposed agreement will be available.

Employee consultation and review

Over a course of seven days, all employees will have the opportunity to review the proposed agreement.  Union delegates, organisers, and the company, will also provide additional information to ensure that people are aware of what they are voting about.

Ballot of employees

All current employees will have the opportunity to participate in the ballot. Employees will have the ability to vote as to whether the support they agreement being approved.

Lodgement with Fair Work Commission

If a majority of employees vote to approve the Agreement, the Agreement will then be lodged with the Fair Work Commission for their review and to be finally approved.

Agreement in place

Is the Agreement gets final approval from the Fair Work Commission the Agreement will become legally binding and applicable from 7 days after the approval date. This means that entitlements and conditions in the agreement will come into place, and the new Agreement will replace our previous Agreement.

It is at this time that employees would receive their first wage increase, as well as the back pay owed to them.


Crown management have said that if the drafting process can be finished quickly it is their intention to process back payments before Christmas.

More information

More information will be provided soon about the next steps in this process.