EA 2016 Bargaining Kicks Off

"Crown is an industry leader, and that wouldn’t be possible without us. We deserve for our contribution to be recognised. Casino Union members are backing each other up to win." — Sue Szalay, Table Games

Respect, Recognition and Reward: Our EA 2016 Plan

Your Casino Union EA 2016 bargaining team just had the first meeting with casino management. They put forward our plan for an new Enterprise Agreement (EA).

We are off to a good start, casino management have heard loud and clear that we are united behind our plan.

We made it clear to casino management that we are proud to work here and are committed to building real careers at Crown. We deserve to have our skills, commitment and sacrifices recognised in our new EA.

For more information about the full plan for EA 2016, speak to your union organiser (at the union desk at IDs) or your bargaining team representative.

Key points

Fair pay: 5% pay increases and weekend night shift allowances.

Crown is the leading casino in Australia. That success is because of our work. Our part deserves to be recognised. We sacrifice our valuable time away from family and friends to be here. A weekend night shift allowance of $2.01 for all hours worked between 7pm and 12am Friday and Saturday night; and $3.02 for all hours between 12am and 7am Saturday and Sunday morning recognises us for this sacrifice.

Job security: Redundancy of 2 weeks per year of service up to 20 years.

Many of us have dedicated many years to this casino, We need to know we have job security and that our service is recognised.

Real opportunities full time conversion.

Crown is a massive employer with stable jobs, Yet there are fewer and fewer full time positions available. We deserve security in our hours and a right to plan our lives.

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