The Followup: Crown Responds

"The casino says our plan is unacceptable and unsustainable, but we are the highest performing staff. And that’s why this is the highest performing casino. We need to see our share in that success." — Kim Ly, table games

Crown’s response to our EA 2016 Plan - Summary

On fair wages – “unacceptable”

The casino rejected our proposal of 5% saying it was unacceptable and unsustainable, despite Crown Melbourne’s leading performance.

On weekend night shift allowance – “double dipping”

The casino said no to weekend night shift allowance saying we are already paid enough.

Other proposals – “for discussion”

The casino said they would engage in positive discussions to resolve the remaining proposals including: improved safety, fair shift swaps, sick leave without harassment, enforcement rights, part-time conversion and redundancy,

Crown’s proposal for EA 2016

Reduce the number of RQD’s for table games from 12 to 2

The casino is proposing to equalise RQD’s across departments by cutting table games from 12 RQDs per year to 2.

Allow for staff to work 8 days straight, by request

Remove the restriction on working 8 or more days in a row if requested by the employee.

Convert F&B tool allowance to direct provision

The casino is proposing to directly provide tools to chefs instead of paying the tool allowance.

Further clarification on existing arrangements

The casino proposed further clarification on existing arrangements including: removal of obsolete classifications, banqueting rostering and the payment of a HD allowance outside of table games.

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