Meeting #3: Respect and Recognition

"We work hard with long and unsociable hours. We need real access to annual leave to be healthy, safe and to balance our time at work with time with our families." —Benny Fong, table games

Improved safety, access to annual leave and fair shift swaps

This meeting covered our plan for real respect and recognition for all staff at the casino. The bargaining team began working through the issues to ensure every worker has a safe start at work, access to annual leave and fair shift swaps.

Agreed – outlet based safety inductions

Crown management have agreed, in principle, to introduce outlet specific safety inductions on commencement of employment.

Agreed – full time and part time shift swaps on public holidays

Crown management have agreed to allow shift swaps between full time and part time staff on public holidays. Where agreed between a full time and part time staff member, both will be paid ordinary hours for the public holiday.

Continuing discussions

We will continue discussions over the coming weeks to work through improving access to annual leave, personal swaps and early outs, and multi-skilling and response times to safety issues.

All other items on our plan including wages and weekend night shift allowance will be discussed in future meetings.

Share your experience of annual leave black out periods

Casino management need to understand the real impact of excessive black out periods on our work life balance. Share your experience by filling out our short survey.

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