Our new EA: approved!

"Thanks to all the strength and action of Casino Union members, we've made huge wins in our new EA! Congratulations!" – Casino Union Bargaining Team

New EA approved by the Fair Work Commission

The Fair Work Commission has approved our new Crown EA, meaning it will become active on 24 January.

Very soon, all of the big wins made by Casino Union members, including a real opportunity to convert from part time to full time, improved career progression and promotion and a fair pay rise with recognition allowance will be in place. 

Casino Union members win!

Our new EA is a huge win for Casino Union members. When Crown provided a sub-standard pay offer, you were bigger, louder and stronger than ever before with the action you took. The two huge demonstrations and the massive number of people that joined our union moved Crown all the way to a 3.75% pay offer with an added 0.5% recognition allowance. Together in our union, we’re stronger!

Back pay: how will it work?

3.75% pay increase: One of the wins made by Casino Union members was to secure back pay for your pay rise. This means that in your next pay check (25 January), Crown will provide you with the 3.75% pay rise back paid from the first pay check of this financial year until 22 January. 

0.5% ‘recognition allowance’: The 0.5% ‘recognition allowance’ will be paid to all Crown staff twice yearly – in December and June each year. This means the recognition allowance back pay will be for the period between 1 July to 11 December 2016 and will be paid on all gross earnings including your 3.75% pay increase. The next payment will be in June.

Next steps: OH&S

While we’ve made big steps in the new EA, we still have work to do. We want to make sure that not only are we the best paid casino workers - but also the safest. Make sure you go to the union desk to fill out an OHS survey!