EA 2016: Your top 10 questions answered

1. What is an “EA”?

EA stands for Enterprise Agreement. It is the book of rules between Crown and casino staff. It’s agreed every three years, and there have been seven agreements since the casino opened 21 years ago.

2. How many people did our last EA cover?

4,513 people were covered in our last EA, and while we don’t know the exact number yet, our 2016 EA will also cover thousands of casino employees. That’s why we all have to do the survey – so our new EA represents every department and area. Pick up a survey at the union desk or fill one out online.

3. When does the current EA expire?

The EA 2013, our last agreement, expires on 30 June 2016. That’s why we’re getting started now on developing our claim our claim for EA 2016 with the survey – make sure you’ve done yours!

4. What happens to our conditions when the current EA expires?

Our current conditions will continue however there will be no further pay increases until we negotiate a new agreement.

5. How is the agreement decided?

Firstly, we create a ‘claim’ from the results of the EA survey – this is a list of things we want to change about our jobs. We then vote to endorse this. Our bargaining team, once established, then take this claim to Crown management and negotiate with them. Once a deal is proposed, all casino staff vote on it.

A new agreement can only be made when 50% +1 of all casino staff covered by the EA agree to it. This is why we have to grow our union – because we want a better deal than will just get over the 50% line. We want a great deal.

6. Is our pay part of the EA? Could they offer us less?

Yes, our pay is part of the EA. There are no more pay rises until we negotiate more and there is also no minimum amount we have to be offered. In fact, any of our conditions could be negotiated away, but only if we let that happen.

How do we stop this? By working together to build our union, we will have the strength in numbers to back up our bargaining team, win fair pay increases and protect our conditions.

7. How can I have a say throughout the negotiations?

By being in your union. Members have a say at every stage of the negotiation process. Through our EA survey, by electing our bargaining team, and then through consultation during the negotiations on any offers made. If you’re a union member, make sure we have your details up to date by visiting the union desk by IDs so you don’t miss out on any urgent messages.

8. Who’s on my side at the negotiating table?

Your bargaining team will be union members from across every department, including the smaller ones. This is important, so everyone’s voice is heard throughout the process.

If you’re interested, put your hand up. Or, you can nominate someone from your area who you think would do a great job. Nominations for the bargaining team are open now, so visit the union desk by IDs to grab a form and or find out more.

9. How does voting in the EA work?

Employees have the final say on any new agreement because an agreement cannot be made unless 50% plus 1 of staff who are covered under the EA vote for it.

All EA staff vote, whether or not they're union members. That's why it's so important to grow our union: strength in numbers means we raise the bar on what we'll accept as an offer and are much more likely to get a great deal.

10. Why do casino staff need to join our team?

Whether we’re negotiating for our pay and conditions, making sure our rights are respected, or providing back up and support for each other when things go wrong, it’s only when we stand together that we win.

Our Casino Union is how we turn thousands of workers into one powerful voice for a better future. Be part of our team. Join today.

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