Endorse our World Class Standard!


Endorse our World Class StandardThousands of union members across Crown have now finalised our claim for our new EA which will secure some of the best pay and conditions for casino staff anywhere in the world.

Members are saying that our claim, called our World Class Standard, is about winning fair recognition for the world class service we provide every day to Crown and its patrons.

We are now calling on all union members everywhere at Crown to endorse our World Class Standard, either online or by signing a petition on site.

We need to show Crown that we are one, big strong united group, determined to win our World Class Standard.

Union delegates have strengthened and refined our claim following extensive consultation with members, including our Census, mass meetings and leader meetings.

Key elements of our World Class Standard include:

  • A fair pay increase to recognise our outstanding service.
  • An extra week of leave to recognise that we work hard, long and unsociable hours and get little time to spend with our family and friends.
  • Better options for career progression in major departments like Table Games and Food & Beverage to recognise our loyalty and dedication to Crown.
  • Ensuring the quality of our work can’t be eroded by using cheap labour from outside contractors.
  • Securing genuine consultation about changes that affect our jobs and stronger rights for Health and Safety Representatives.

Click here to endorse our World Class Standard now!


Introducing your newly elected Union Bargaining Team

Over the last week, hundreds of union members have voted to have our say on who we want to represent us on our Union Bargaining Team.

The members elected are your bargaining team. Their job is to represent union members in your department.

If you are not a union member, and you want your voice heard in our EA negotiations, you need to join our union now.


  • Anthony Denehey – Crown Towers
  • Ashok Sharma – Crown Promenade


  • Rheta Wall – Gaming Machines
  • Roger Blyth – Finance


  • Robert Szuhan – Part Time Representative
  • Jim Harris – Full Time Representative


  • David Durosomo - Laundry


  • Andrew Murray – Banquets
  • Coney Sarenas – IDs
  • Jac Trimboli – Mahogany Room
  • David De Haas – Lagerfield
  • Sukhbir Jholl – Cotta
  • Adam Rickard – Merrywell
  • Faith Villagrasa – F&B Attendant


One/Two Game Dealers

  • Owen Chen – Teak
  • Ben Sorensen – Level 1
  • Tamara Holdsworth – Poker
  • James Harmor – Level 1

Three Or More Game Dealers

  • Rob Szatkowski – East
  • Dave Francis – Mahogany
  • Colin Buckle – Maple
  • Sue Szalay – Mahogany