Jac_meeting_13-403x4032.pngEA UPDATE 13

On Friday, in our 8th bargaining meeting, your Union Bargaining Team gave Crown management a deadline: give us a REAL deal by next Thursday 15 August, or we will begin the process for taking Protected Industrial Action.

In this week’s meeting our delegates read out some of the 300+ letters from staff to James Packer, explaining why the current offer is completely disrespectful and must be improved.


One of the letters read out said: “We work really hard for this company and we should get back what we deserve.” 
But instead of putting a real offer on the table, management refused to move on our key issues of extra annual leave, job security and pay. 

Management’s refusal to move from 3% shows a complete lack of respect for members’ call for the world-class standard we deserve.

Members have said they will not put up with managements disrespect any longer. We have had enough of their games. That’s why today your bargaining team gave management a deadline: give us a real and genuine offer by Thursday 15 August, or else...

If management fail to meet this deadline they are on notice that we will commence the process for industrial action.

“Management completely disrespected us by saying what they offered is ‘already good enough’?! We gave them a final ultimatum! No more insults! Treat us like the world-class staff we are!” said Jacqueline Trimboli, F&B Delegate. 

“Crown management once again showed their total disrespect for their workforce. They are robbing Peter to pay James!!” said Colin Buckle, Table Games Delegate.

During the countdown to this deadline it is vital that all staff members write their letter to James Packer and collect a union wristband to show management we are united and strong.

What you need to do now

  1. Write your message to James Packer.
    Collect your wrist band/sticker and update your details at the ID’s union desk.

  2. Unity is strength – so join our union! 
    And if you’re already a member, ask your workmates to join.