Members have stuck together and pushed hard to make sure that the new EA ensures we remain the best paid Casino workers in the country, and wins improvements in other key areas.


The EA has wage increases of 4% each year. What would a 4% wage increase mean for me in real money terms?

A 4% wage increase each year would mean that your wages, allowances and other entitlements, such as leave, would all be increased by 4% for each year over the next three years.

A 4% increase in the first year would mean wages for Crown employees would increase by between $30.00 and $40.00
per week, or between $1,500 and $2,000 per year (for full-time staff).

The EA has full back pay to July 2013.

How does the back pay work and when will it be paid?

Full back pay will mean all employees will be back-paid 4% on all wages earned between July 2013 and the approval of the agreement. It means a lump sum payment for all Crown workers in around the first pay period after the agreement is approved.

In the Table Games department, all employees will be back-paid at the new rates of pay under our new classification structure. This means Table Games will be back-paid a minimum of 4%, and potentially up to as high as 18%, from July 2013. Back-pay will be paid once the EA is approved.


What are the new rules about leave? How does the new system work?

Each year, all employees have a choice about their leave. Under the old EA, employees can choose between having 4 weeks with loading, or 5 weeks without.

Under the new EA, the new ‘purchase leave’ system will mean that employees will also be able to choose to purchase up to 2 weeks of extra leave. This leave can be purchased over the course of 5 weeks, or over the course of 12 months, through your fortnightly pay, depending on what the employee thinks would best suit them.

This leave can be taken as if it was normal annual leave. If it is not used, it will be cashed out and given back to the employee.

Through this system, under the new EA, Crown workers could choose to access six or seven weeks of leave.

Are there any other changes to accessing my leave in this EA?

  1. A better system to access leave during blackout periods. This will mean that if you have not had time off during blackouts to be with your families in a long time, there will be a fair system to make sure you get your turn.
  2. Better access to time in lieu (which is converted to annual leave if it is not used). Currently, when full-timers have an RDO on a public holiday they get an extra day’s pay. Under the new proposal they can elect to have that banked as TIL. This does not apply to part-timers.

We had asked Crown to get more paid annual leave. Is this in the proposed EA?

Crown did not agree to provide for more paid annual leave. Those employees who want additional time away from work will be able to choose to take purchased leave if they wish.


I want to convert to full time, or at least move up the part-time bands. Will this EA help me do that?

Under this EA, there will be a transparent system for you to request conversion between part-time bands, or up to fulltime. Crown will have to confirm receiving your request to convert, and will have to update you about your place in the queue when requested.

Crown will have to offer higher part-time bands, and full-time work, to current employees before recruiting new employees to those roles.


How does the new Table Games classification structure work?

The new Table Games classification structure sees people progress based on their time served, rather than their number of games.

This new structure sees current Dealers paid new hourly rates as follows (these rates include the 4% pay increase):

  • < 1 year service: $24.05
  • 1 year service: $25.55
  • 2 years’ service: $28.67 (current ‘2
  • Game’ rate plus: 4%)
  • 4 years’ service: $29.95
  • 5 years’ service: $30.22
  • 6 years’ service: $31.23 (current ‘3 Game’ rate plus 4%)
  • 10 years’ service: $32.32 (old ‘4 Game’ rate plus 4%)
  • 15 years’ service: $32.58
  • 20 years’ service: $32.84

You will be required to complete a form agreeing to undertake Workplace Coach training to escalate to the 5-year rate of pay, and Learning Development training to receive the 10-year rate of pay.

All employees will be guaranteed this pay rate if you agree to undertake the training. You do not have to wait until the training is completed to receive the new rate. The training will be on work time and you will not be required to take on any specific additional duties once you complete the training.

The new rates will also be subject to back-pay from between July 2013 and the approval of the agreement.

I have several years’ experience as a Table Games Dealer. How will the new classification structure affect me?

Under this structure many Dealers will immediately move up to a new classification pay rate because of their service. For example:

  • Dealer with 5 years’ service who is currently paid the 2-Game rate will move up to $30.22. This is a pay increase of over 9.6% that will mean you earn around $5,000 more in the first year.
  • Dealer with 6 years’ service who is currently paid the 2-Game rate will move up to $31.23. This is a pay increase of over 13% that will mean you earn around $7,000 more in the first year.
  • Dealer with 10 years’ service who is currently paid the 3-Game rate will move up to $32.32. This is a pay increase of over 7.6% that will mean you earn around $4,500 more in the first year.
  • Dealer with 15 years’ service who is currently paid the 3-Game rate will move up to $32.58. This is a pay increase of over 8.4% that will mean you earn around $5,000 more in the first year.

I am a Table Games Dealer who already earns more than the new classification pay rates. What will happen to me?

If you currently receive more than the rates set above you will continue on your current rates, and continue to receive the annual 4% pay increases, until you fall back in line with the classification structure. Once you fall in line with the new structure, you will then get the same classification increases as other staff.

How does the system work for newer Table Games Dealers with 1 year's service, or less?

Dealers with 1 year's service will immediately move up to $25.55. This is a pay increase of over 7%. These Dealers
will then still be guaranteed to get their 2-Game rate of pay once they reach 2 years. They will then continue to get further increases at 4 years, 5 years, 6 years, 10 years, 15 years and 20 years.

Employees employed after the agreement is finalised will progress slightly differently as they will reach the old 2-Game rate at 3 years and then progress at 4 years, 5 years, 6 years, 10 years, 15 years and 20 years, the same as other employees.


How will the Security Officer classification structure work?

The new structure for Security Officers and First Aid Officers will see you progress based on your length of service. This new structure sees new hourly pay rates as follows (these rates include the 4% pay increase):

  • Undergoing Cert II:  $25.05 (Level 4)
  • Cert II & First Aid Officers: $27.14 (Level 5)
  • Cert III plus 2 years’ service: $29.70 (Level 6)
  • First Aid Officers plus 2 years’ service: $29.70 (Level 6)
  • Cert III plus 3 years’ service: $30.40 (Level 7)
  • Cert III plus 4 years’ service: $30.99 (Level 8)
  • Workplace Coach: $30.99 (Level 8)
  • Workplace Trainer: $32.06 (Level 9)
  • Cert III plus 7 years’ service (by application): $32.06 (Level 9)
  • Venue / Event Leader (HD role by application): $32.60 (Level 10)

I am an experienced Security Officer with several years’ service. How will I benefit from the new classification structure?

Under this structure many Security Officers will immediately move up to a new classification pay rate based on your length of service. For example:

  • A Security Officer with 4 years’ service who is currently paid as a Level 6 will move up to $30.99. This is a pay increase of over 8.5% that will mean you earn around $4,700 more in the first year.
  • A Security Officer with 7 years’ service who is currently paid as a Level 8 can apply for the new Level 9 position and move up to $32.06. This is a pay increase of over 7.5% that will mean you earn around $4,300 more in the first year.

What do the changes to the First Aid allowance mean to a Security Officer like me?

The First Aid allowance for Security Officers has been increased. Full timers will receive $34.00 per fortnight. This is an increase of over $11.00 each fortnight on what you currently receive.

Part-timers will receive a minimum of $22.90 per fortnight with an additional $0.44 for every hour above 54 hours in a fortnight. This means that part-timers will maintain your current minimum and be able to reach up to $11.00 more each fortnight depending on your hours worked.


I am in Food and Beverage and want to apply for a promotion. Will this agreement help me with that?

In the old EA, there are no rules about how progression and advancement in Food and Beverage should work. It doesn’t do anything to help F&B workers get access to promotion.

In the new EA Crown will have to properly recognise existing employees when filling vacant roles. This means that, where two applicants are the same, Crown will have to give preference to the person already working at Crown over a person from outside Crown.

Crown will also have to provide employees who are unsuccessful in applying for promotions with real feedback about what you need to do to improve.


I am in Hotels and am worried about suddenly losing my job to a contractor. Do I have any protections?

There are no safeguards under the old EA against outsourcing to contractors.

Under the new EA, Crown will have to go through a proper consultation process when they are considering using
contractors to do work currently done by our members.

In this process Crown will have to consult with you and your Delegates in detail about key issues such as the details of the
work to be contracted out. Management will also be required to consult with you and your Delegates about making sure
affected people are offered alternative work at Crown rather than automatically losing their jobs.


I have seen lots of massive changes to our workplace that happen all of a sudden, and without us being consulted. Does this EA help prevent this from happening in the future?

The proposed EA includes new rights to ensure that employees are properly consulted, and given an opportunity to have a say in changes to your work.

The two new consultation rights are:

  1. The consultative committee has the right to consult about all matters relating to our agreement, operational issues, health and safety issues, and major change issues.

  2. A new consultation process for any major changes that includes:
    • a month-long period of meetings with union representatives and affected employees
    • translating of key information where necessary
    • rights for our consultative committee to address major issues, and
    • consideration of alternatives put forward by employees.


There are lots of health and safety issues that need to be addressed at Crown. Does the EA cover any changes to rights for our Health and Safety Representatives?

Crown has agreed to a new package of HSR rights that will be contained alongside the new EA in a legal deed.

The new rights for HSRs include:

  • HSRs to sit on Central Coordination Committee
  • a 1-hour paid HSR meeting before all Coordination Committee meetings
  • on-site HSR room with facilities
  • detailed HSR notice boards.


If you want more information or have questions, you can:

  • Speak to union delegate or member of the Union Bargaining Team
  • Speak to a union organiser at the Union Table in IDs
  • Ring the Union Rights Centre between 9 and 5, Monday to Friday
  • Go on our website wearecrown.org.au or our Facebook page at facebook.com/WeAreCrown
  • Watch out for further updates over the coming days

It is now time for all employees to have their say and vote about whether they support this proposed EA. To find out more about the EA, or the process for its approval, speak to an organiser or delegate on site or contact the Union Rights Centre on (03) 9235 7777.

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