Admin & Finance


What's the best thing about your job?

"There is a good community at Crown, not just in Finance but Crown wide. I work with a good team." 

What are the issues facing people in your department?

"We’ve had recent issues with consultation which involved our department being moved on to weekend shifts without adequate consultation. 

"This issue was addressed at the 2013 EA bargaining and the establishment of employee consultative and work life rostering committees will help ensure that staff are consulted when major change is planned.

"Work life balance issues are still prominent in our department with tight deadlines requiring longer hours during reporting periods."

Why did you join your Casino Union?

"I’ve always been a union member wherever I’ve worked. A strong united voice is important in any workplace. With Crown being a 24/7 operation I knew I would encounter a lot of issues around work hours and safety when I started so joining the union was a no brainer.

"Sure enough I had an issue with my very first pay check where my hours weren't properly recorded. Having the backing of my union in such cases gives me a sense of security."

Why should everyone in admin & finance join?

"Our 2016 EA plan for respect, recognition and reward can only be achieved if we are united. I learned from the 2013 negotiations that being part of my union is the best way to be empowered and to have a voice in the enforcement of the agreement."