Hotels members win back jobs

page-2--pic2.jpgHotels members are overjoyed after using our EA to successfully overturn Crown’s move to contract out more housekeeping jobs.

In our union EA campaign last year Hotels members fought for and won new systems to help protect jobs from being contracted out.

But Crown went ahead and contracted out further jobs in housekeeping anyway.

So on Wednesday union delegate Ross Kingsley used the Crown-wide Employee Consultative Committee (ECC) to demand jobs contracted out be returned to permanently-employed Crown staff. He also pointed to Crown’s failure to consult about expanding the contractor’s role and he demanded improvements.


“We took back the over-night shifts back from contractors. Originally they were Crown jobs but management gave them to contractors. But because all staff spoke out we had a really strong voice and we were able to take back these jobs.”

“I am very proud on behalf of all the union members. It just goes to show the power we have as a union in Hotels when we stand up for job security.”

“We are so happy. It means people with families can plan for their future and don’t have to fear so much about whether they’re able to pay their rent or feed their kids.”

“We’ve still got a way to go to bring back the other jobs that were taken away. But this gives us the confidence that we can take them back too.”

Got a work issue at Crown? Tell your ECC union rep!

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