HSR Candidates

Last year we won the right to a new Health and Safety Coordination Group, a network of HSR's from each department who have the right to meet for 2 hours a quarter to discuss and address collective health and safety issues.

In order to vote in the Table Games election, you must be an existing HSR from Table Games.

The Tame Games HSR candidates (and statements if provided) are listed below:

Christopher Ball

I have been a HSR for over 3 years and an employee representative in various forms for several years. I have a Certificate IV in OHS and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. I am one of the main people who helped establish this new HSR network and I would appreciate it if you voted for me so that I can ensure it is implemented and functions as intended. The best health and safety outcomes are our objectives and I believe I can help us achieve that.

Ross Leo

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