It's time to turn the pressure up


Over the last week, close to a thousand members have already committed to registering for industrial action and more are joining in every day.

This massive show of strength and unity has sent a strong message to management that we will fight for the world-class standards we deserve.  

In this week’s bargaining meeting, your Union Bargaining Team demanded that management put a REAL world-class offer on the table.

Management did put forward a revised offer of extra unpaid leave that can be taken before members use up their accrued annual leave.

But management has still refused to put a real world class pay offer on the table and have stuck with a substandard wage increase of only 3.5%.

That’s why all members are saying that we need to keep management moving by turning up the pressure even more. So far in this campaign members have put their faces and stories forward to show management their commitment and strength.

Since our campaign began over 1400 people have joined in our census. We have also had an amazing 2000 people endorse our World-Class Standard. Most recently, we have had over 800 photo petitions and letters to James Packer that put our strength right in the spotlight.

“It’s great to see our members getting firmly behind our claim for world-class standards. This sends a clear message to Crown management: Get real, with a REAL world-class offer!” said Rheta Wall, a Gaming Machines Delegate.

Standing together gives us the strength to push management into making a REAL world-class deal. That is why it is more important than ever to keep the pressure up and make Crown put a real offer on the table.

“Crown management are STILL stalling. So come on members – show management you care! Join the rest of your union work colleagues by completing your registration for protected industrial action. Show Crown management that you deserve world-class pay,” said Rob Szatkowski, a Table Games Delegate.

Time is running out – it is vital that everyone completes and posts their registration now.