This Is Why Hundreds Of Crown Workers Are Guessing How Many Jelly Beans Are In A Jar

If you work at Crown Casino, by now you’ve probably heard some talk about jelly beans.

You’ve likely seen the posters. Or the enormous glass container of jelly beans by IDs.


Crown workers are guessing how many jelly beans are in it to win them. But why?

Let’s go back to last year – when Casino Union members were working hard to win a new enterprise agreement that respected, recognised and rewarded our hard work.

Crown was making record-breaking profits, but only offering peanuts to the workers who were responsible for their success.

So Casino Union members started taking action.


We filled out cards saying all of the important occasions that we’d missed out on when we were at work.


We held mass meetings.


And we even took to the streets.




All of these individual actions by Casino Union members are what moved Crown. They are what won us a great new deal to keep us (once again) the highest paid casino workers in the whole country. And it’s why
every 👏🏼
single 👏🏼
Crown  👏🏼
worker 👏🏼
is getting a pay increase this month.


The amount of individual actions? That’s represented by the glass of jelly beans. Every jelly bean = 1 action by a Casino Union member.


The jelly beans in the jar at the union desk by IDs are so much more than just a massive jar of jelly beans. They represent collective power, how much stronger we are when we stand together and the ways we can win when we are united.

So if you’re not a member of our union – it’s time to stand with thousands of your colleagues at Crown and join our team.

And of course, if you’d like to have your shot at winning the jelly beans, head to the union desk and guess how many individual actions union members took to win our new EA!