We have a plan for Jobs You Can Count On

On 16th May Casino Union reps met with Crown senior management to present a new plan for Jobs You Can Count On.

A job you can on is one with good career paths, reliable hours, respect at work and a safe environment. Read on to find out the plan we’ve laid out and the commitments we’re asking from Crown.

Careers you can count on

Your experience and commitment at crown should be rewarded. Workers are passionate about what they do, and we want careers we can count on. To achieve real career progression, we’ve asked Crown for the following:

  • Replace level three front of house and level four back of house positions when employees leave or are promoted.
  • Review F&B front of house and back of house classifications to identify barriers to progression.

Hours you can count on

It’s hard to make plans and budget when your hours and take home pay vary so much from week to week. For security outside of work, we need hours we can count on. To achieve improved hours, we’ve asked Crown for the following:

  • Discretionary approval of applications for better hours that are very close to meeting the required hours criteria.
  • Audit of hours worked by unsuccessful applicants to determine if the criteria is genuinely achievable.

Respect you can count on

A recent survey found that casino workers are concerned about the disciplinary process at Crown. We don’t want to feel devalued or untrusted – we want respect we can count on. To achieve a respectful approach to discipline and counselling, we’ve asked Crown for the following:

  • Transparency and confidentiality in all conversations with workers, including explaining their rights.
  • The option to appeal a decision where a breach of procedure has occurred or an outcome was unfair.
  • A genuine attempt to correct issues before disciplinary action is taken.

Safety you can count on

Casino workers face varied risks on the job, so it’s important that there is a focus on making Crown a safe work environment. A culture where issues are quickly identified and resolved means safety we can count on. To make sure we all return home safely, we’ve asked Crown for the following:

  • Reinstate the Health and Safety Coordination Group
  • Provide sufficient time for employee rep discussions before and after OH&S meetings.

We’ve reminded Crown that our dedication is what makes them so successful. In return we deserve job security, an opportunity to progress our career, and respect. We look forward to updating you on Crown’s response to our plan, when we meet at the next Employee Consultation Committee in August.

Thousands of staff have been stepping up to win jobs you can count on. To join us, make sure you speak to your delegate, drop by the desk near ID’s and like us on Facebook.