This Is How Being Union Changed Kevin’s Life

Making ends meet on insecure hours is stressful and tough. It can be difficult to pay our rent or mortgage, and provide for our families.

Table games dealer and proud Casino Union member, Kevin Pham, used to have these worries. But not anymore.

Kevin is celebrating after becoming one of the first workers at Crown Melbourne to exercise his right to a vastly more secure job. Under our new enterprise agreement (EA) at Crown Melbourne, workers can now increase their number of guaranteed hours and even move from part-time to full-time jobs.

When Kevin first started at Crown Melbourne, he was employed as a part-time dealer that allowed him to work anywhere between 80 and 144 hours a month. And it stayed that way – until Casino Union members won a real right to greater job security.

Kevin’s new band guarantees him at least 120 hours per month, and up to 144 hours. It’s changed his life. Describing his previous working conditions as “stressful”, he was constantly worried about making up extra hours where he could and finding more shifts to take on.

“I no longer need to worry about that,” says Kevin.

“I now have secure hours and guaranteed pay. Having more money and job security has made my life at home outside of work more secure.”

At the start of our campaign for our new EA union members something was made very clear: we wanted jobs we could count on, and greater opportunities for career progression.

For the first time ever, the new EA introduced a system that required casino management to move staff from part-time to full time, or to upgrade their band if they meet certain criteria.

The battle to win recognition and more secure jobs at Crown wasn’t easy, it took thousands of Casino Union members standing together and taking action over many months. But it was definitely worth it.

“I know this wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t stand together with my colleagues last year to demand respect and fair pay from the casino,” Kevin says.

“I am so glad that because we have a strong union team, we didn’t accept any of casino management’s sub-standard offers.”

Kevin also says being a union member has helped him find out about other rights and opportunities and he knows he can get help and support at work whenever he needs it.

His words?

“Being in the union means we always have each other’s backs”. (It’s true, btw).

Kevin’s life has changed because he stood together with his workmates in his union to demand respect and good, secure jobs. And you can too. Join our team here.