Management cries poor

rheta-wall_eaupdate11_403.jpgEA UPDATE 11

Crown management has rejected central parts of our claim for world-class pay and conditions, arguing that while they are making serious profits that’s still not enough money for them. 

After hundreds and hundreds of people showed Crown in our photo petition that they were sick of waiting for a response – Crown management finally came back with a full reply in our bargaining meeting on Wednesday.

Crown management replied by rejecting our major claim for an extra week of annual leave.

Management has also rejected our claim for increased job security by providing pay parity for contractors.

“I think hotel workers will be very annoyed. It’s not good enough. There’s no respect,” said Anthony Denehey, a Hotels Delegate.

Management responded to our claim for time-based career progression for Table Games and Security with watered-down proposals that our delegates say is not even close to what we proposed.

Every single one of our proposals for improved safety were also rejected by Crown.

“Today it’s clear that management does not respect the health and safety of its workers”, said Rob Szatkowski, a Table Games Delegate and Health and Safety Representative.

On the issue of pay, management has offered pay increases of three per cent a year.  This is a far cry from the world-class standard that we deserve.

“I didn’t buy management’s sob-story. We work our guts out for Crown and we deserve better than this,” said David De Haas, an F&B Delegate.

It’s vital we hear from all members. Over the next few days union members will get an opportunity to have a say about what we think of this sub-standard offer.

Union members will receive a text message asking for your opinion. Make sure you reply straight away – let's show management we are a united group. 

The next meeting is scheduled for a fortnight, where your bargaining team will deliver your responses back to management.


Management's offer