Management responds to our ultimatum



In today’s bargaining meeting management responded to our ultimatum by putting forward an offer of 4% annual wage increases and improvements to accessing leave.

This comes after an amazing level of participation throughout our campaign by union members. Together, we truly have put our faces and our voices in front of management. We have put them under enormous pressure. This pressure has now forced management to finally put a new offer on the table.

Earlier this month we all came together in the biggest union meetings ever held at Crown. We have showed our real strength and unity. In these meetings members endorsed putting an ultimatum to management to deliver the world-class standard we deserve.

In response to our demand to meet the site standard on wages, management have offered 4% wage increases each year with full back pay. This matches what we won in the last EA.

andrew_eaupdate19_403.pngManagement has also put forward several improvements to accessing leave, including better access to TIL, access to leave during blackouts and unpaid leave of up to two additional weeks. 

“As a result of our meetings with membership and conversations on the floor, management has come back with what they believe is a fair and genuine offer,” said James Harmor, a Table Games delegate. 

“Now we turn to you again. Please let your delegates and organisers know your opinion on this offer and ask further information if you need it,” he said. 

In previous meetings management has already agreed to our proposals for better career progression, respect and a transparent process to convert from part-time bands to full-time employment. We have also won a new consultation process that will help protect EA staff against attacks on our job security through the use of cheaper contract labour.

The details for these new proposals and all other key claims achieved so far are being discussed in intensive bargaining meetings to run all next week. 

Members will be fully consulted over the coming week about this new offer. 


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