Meeting #10: Enough is enough

"Time is up for Crown to come to the table with a real offer that respects our work. Now it’s up to us to turn the pressure up. I’ll see you at the public demonstration." – Andrew Murray, food & beverage

Union members pressure WINS on part time conversion

At Thursday’s meeting, casino management have, for the first time, agreed to the right to request conversion for part time employees.

The new agreement would allow part time employees, who are working at the top of their band for any 12 month period, to request conversion to the next higher band.

For the first time Casino Union members will have a real entitlement to increase their security of hours at work.

This is because Casino Union members and their bargaining team have stood strong together to win on this issue.

Unclear RQD counter proposal

Instead of acknowledging our sacrifice on weekends through a weekend night shift allowance – casino management put forward a proposal on increasing access to RQDs. No details about how it would work or how much it would be worth were provided.

Casino maintains substandard offer of 2.75%

Casino Union members have committed to stand up and speak out at the public demonstration Friday 12 August at 6:15pm.
We are going to show Crown management that we will not accept a deal that does not recognise our sacrifice and reward our work.
We know that by standing together we win! See you there!

Friday 12 August 2016
Starting on Clarendon Street, near Melbourne Convention Centre
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