Meeting #11: Casino Union pressure moves Crown

"The heat is on Crown. We know that when we work together to pressure them, we win. We need to keep it up and the public demonstration is gonna be big. See you there!” – Brian Pietsch, security

Threat of public action moves Crown on wages
... but not enough recognition on weekend night shifts

Because Casino Union members are standing up and taking our campaign to the streets, casino management improved their offer on pay from 2.75% to 3.25%.

This shows that when we stand together – management have no choice but to take union members seriously.

While this is a good move, it comes without any movement on a weekend night shift allowance. That’s why union members are kept up the pressure and went ahead with our plan for a public demonstration!

RQD counter proposal

Instead of a weekend night shift allowance, casino management put forward a proposal on increasing access to RQDs. The proposal includes a $16 per shift penalty up to 6 times per year if your RQD is not approved.

Career progression wins in food & beverage

Casino management have committed to increased numbers of level 3 front of house staff as well as the introduction of a level 4 for cooks. F&B Casino Union members have worked really hard for these improvements – congratulations team!

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