Meeting #12: Pressure is ON

"Our public demonstration made the company move, but it’s still not enough to show respect for our work. We know when we stand together, we push them forward. They need to hear our strong voice again." – Lisie Joy Jose, food & beverage

Crown staff are preparing for second public demonstration and calling on Crown to lift their game

Casino Union members are making preparations for a second public demonstration: bigger, louder and stronger than ever before.

As a result of our first public action in 13 years, Crown management moved their wage offer from 2.75% to 3.25%. We know that when we stand up together we move the company – and that’s why we’re hitting the streets again.

Casino Union members tell management no more delays

Casino management have asked for a third special meeting because of our planned demonstration. Your Casino Union bargaining team said we will only meet if they are prepared to put a real offer on the table that recognises our sacrifices.

Part time career progression

Crown put forward more details on how part timers can be converted to full time, including a guaranteed right to conversion if you meet the criteria. Security members concerns relating to progression through the part time list were raised by their delegates for future discussion.

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