Meeting #13: Full steam ahead

"It’s crunch time! We need to show Crown how serious we are. Be at the public demonstration." – Chris Ball, table games

Crown's substandard offer: not good enough

Your Casino Union bargaining team has once again told Crown to value our work and respect our sacrifices with fair pay increases and a weekend night shift allowance. Crown’s offer of only 3.25% per year is not good enough.

Substandard offer rejected: action is on!

On 16 September at 6.15 pm, Crown workers will hold our biggest rally yet. For casino management, the message is simple - stop messing around.

Crown workers deserve reward and recognition for the sacrifices we make and our contribution to the casino’s record profits. Pay us a fair increase and recognise our weekend night shift work.

Biggest demonstration yet - don't miss out!

Our next public demonstration is going to be bigger than ever. Hundreds of Crown staff standing together will ensure Crown has to listen. RSVP here.

Still no recognition for weekend shift work

Crown has still refused to value the hard work and sacrifices made by Crown workers during weekend night shifts.

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