Meeting#15: Lockdown negotiations update

"We’ve made huge wins in conditions and we’re proud of what we’ve achieved. It’s now time for members to have their say." – Rob Szuhan, security

Pay increase improved

After two straight days of negotiations, Casino Union members have moved Crown to a 3.75% pay increase for the next 3 years — PLUS a new recognition allowance paid on gross earnings at 0.5%.

Improvements on redundancy

Casino Union members have convinced Crown to improve redundancy provisions so that employees made redundant after 15 years service will receive higher redundancy pay. On top of this, all employees will receive additional two weeks notice on redundancy.

Part-time conversion

For the first time, Casino Union members have won a mandatory right to upgrade part-time bands or convert to full time employment if they’re working at the top of their band for an extended period. A new system will be introduced to allow all employees to apply for upgrades in their bands or for full time employment.

 Members have their say

We’ve had some huge wins in 2016 EA bargaining meetings. Casino Union members will now have a chance to discuss the offer and ask questions.