Meeting #4: Safety & Fair Career Paths

"Every worker deserves to have a real career path and be recognised for our skills and experience." —Diana Soare, guest services


Outlet safety inductions

The casino has agreed to introduce outlet specific safety inductions for the first time.

Improved training to make OH&S reports

The casino has agreed to include full training on how to put an OH&S report in through the OSCAR system - to ensure everyone can notify of an issue or incident.

Improved communication and response to OH&S issues 

Managers will now be required to consult with workers who put an OH&S report about the action they have taken.

Personal swaps and RQDs

The casino have agreed to the entitlement to personal swaps for the first time. The Casino Union rejected the proposal to reduce RQDs in table games from 12 to 2 per year.


The Casino Union put forward our plan for fair career paths to ensure real opportunities to build a career at Crown.

Principles for fair careers at Crown:
• Recognition of new skills and responsibilities
• Clear and objective progression from one classification level to the next
• Recognition for experience
• Fair recognition for higher duties
• Training opportunities to support promotion to supervisor or manager positions

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