Meeting #7: The wage offer

"I know that my work and contribution to Crown is worth more than an extra 75c per hour. That’s why we all need to come to the all staff meeting and have our say on the future of our pay at the casino"— Wilfredo Ingles, table games


On the day our enterprise agreement expired, casino management made a wage offer of 2.5% each year, with no recognition for your weekend night shift work.

This offer comes after the casino made record profits of over $660 million last year. All on the back of your hard work.

Despite each individual employee generating over $95,000 profit last year, casino management are offering an increase of less than 75c per hour on average.

Casino Union members know we deserve an offer that recognises our sacrifice and rewards our work.

All staff meetings to respond to pay offer: Thursday 14 July
On 14 July all staff are meeting to respond to this offer. This is your chance to take control of your pay for the next three years.

Where: Crown College
Times: 11.15, 12.15, 15.30, 18.15, 19.15, 20.15
RSVP: Please RSVP here

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