Meeting #9: Time's up, Crown

"I’ve worked almost every weekend night shift since January 2013. I have missed out on important things like the birth of my niece so that Crown is successful. It’s time they paid their dues.” – Kaye Shih, table games

Casino Union tells management -“Not good enough - we’re going public!"

At Thursday's meeting casino management improved their wage offer by only 0.25%, making it 2.75% each year. They also failed to recognise our sacrifice on weekend nights, offering a small improvement to RQDs, but no weekend night shift allowance.

Instead of real recognition for your weekend work, the casino has offered to increase RQDs in departments other than table games. Table games would remain at 12 RQDs per year.

Casino staff have made it clear that we will not accept any offer that does not provide real recognition for our sacrifice & rewards our work. Your bargaining team told the company: it's not good enough and we are taking our campaign to the public.

It’s time to stand up: Public demonstration
Friday 12 August 2016
6.15pm starting at Clarendon Street, near Melbourne Convention Centre

We have told the casino that we are serious. Now its time to show them. While they think we are already paid enough - we know they don’t make record profits without us.

This agreement is all of the departments fighting for respect and recognition, but also improved hours, career progression and job security.

Union members are proud of the pay and conditions we have won in the past by standing together, its time to do it again. Commit today.

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