Members unite to deliver our ultimatum!



Today our Union Bargaining Team delivered the clear ultimatum to management that came from Wednesday’s on-site union meetings: deliver world class wages and improved leave, or we will vote for, and take, industrial action. It is now in management’s hands to respond to this ultimatum in our next bargaining meeting.


It was incredibly powerful for our bargaining team to walk into the meeting armed with the support of workers from every department and every area at Crown. This huge effort has really put the pressure on Crown management and made it clear how many of us are standing together.

Our ultimatum came from the biggest union meetings ever held at Crown. Over the course of Wednesday 18 September, over 700 Crown staff came together from all departments to commit to fighting for the world class standard we deserve.

“The meetings on Wednesday were fantastic. It was great to see Crown workers from all departments come together to show Crown management that key issues like pay and annual leave cannot be ignored,” said Ashok Sharma, a Hotels delegate.

This incredible show of unity and strength is the biggest Crown has ever seen. With members coming off work, or even coming in on their own time, we have been able to show management how united and strong we are!

Our ultimatum to management

Management’s current offer includes substandard wage increases of just 3.5%. This is despite the fact that we received 4% in our last EA, and other key areas of Crown have reached a minimum standard of 4%.

Members have said that this is not good enough! Our ultimatum for management is to deliver fair wage increases that meet the Crown site standard.

On improved leave, our ultimatum calls on management to deliver REAL improvements. The unsociable hours we work keep us away from our family and friends: management must recognise this.

If management does not meet this ultimatum, members have all committed to do what it takes to win the standard we deserve. If management stalls or refuses to come to table, we will vote for and take industrial action.

“At the meetings our peers from all departments showed Crown management that they cannot be ignored. We gave management the ultimatum at today’s meeting: the ball is in their court!” said Rob Szuhan, a Security delegate.

This week has shown us how strong and united we can be. Let’s keep the pressure growing – talk to your workmates about joining our union

The next meeting is set for Friday 27 September where we have demanded that management respond to our ultimatum and deliver the world class standard we deserve.





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