No more questions. It’s time for answers.

Faith Villagrasa


On Thursday 4 July, our Union Bargaining Team had our fifth bargaining meeting with Crown. Our delegates spoke up for our right to a world class standard in key areas such as career development.

Delegates also used this meeting to tell Crown management once and for all: we will not accept any more delays. It’s time for answers. 

A major claim for our new EA is for world class career progression for all members at Crown. In this week’s meeting, our delegates explained to Crown the massive obstacles members face in progressing and developing our careers. 

For dealers in Table Games, members are fed up with Crown having total control over who does, and does not, progress in our  careers. That’s why our Bargaining Team put forward a proposal last month for a new Table Games classification structure that delivers real fairness and equity for all.

All members across Crown are saying it is time we take back control of our careers.

Despite our Union Bargaining Team pushing hard for Crown management to address these big issues, Crown is still stalling on our major claims such as fair wages, additional annual leave, job security, and fair consultation.

anthony_denehey_eaupdate10_403.png“It was a really strong meeting with a united delegate group. We finalised Crown’s questions. Crown has said there are no more questions,” said Ben Sorenson, Table Games delegate.

This meeting F&B delegate Richard Liu joined our Union Bargaining Team. “It was my first meeting and it was great to see the bargaining team representing all of Crown staff, “ he said.

Members from all areas have said they will no longer allow Crown to disrespect them by failing to respond to our claims. That is why over 330 staff have taken part in our photo petition. This massive show of strength has sent a strong message to Crown management that members will not accept any more delays. 

The next meeting is on Wednesday 17 July 2013. In this meeting, members are demanding that Crown put their cards on the table and respond to all our claims for a World Class Standard. 

In the meantime, make sure you show Crown that you want to be respected by taking part in our photo petition. It’s not too late, go to the union table outside IDs to join in.  

What you need to do now

  1. Join our photo petition to CrownGo to our Union Table near IDs and get you photo taken!
  2. Unity is strength – so join our union! And if you’re already a member, ask your workmates to join.