Our World-Class EA Approved!

After campaigning all year for a world-class agreement, our new EA has gone through the final process of being approved by the Fair Work Commission. This means that the new EA will come into effect, replacing the current agreement, from 11 December 2013.

This final stage of our campaign for a World Class Standard is the result of incredible strength, participation and unity from members across all departments of Crown. Throughout this year, members have put enormous pressure on Crown to deliver the World Class Standard we deserve!


Early in the year, hundreds of members stood up and demanded respect by putting our faces to the campaign in our photo petition. Members again put pressure on Crown in August by putting our stories about why we deserved respect and recognition in letters sent directly to James Packer. Then in September, in the largest ever Union meetings held at Crown, members put a hard ultimatum on Crown to deliver on world-class wages and conditions.

Together, in over 10,000 individual acts of campaign participation, union members were able to fight for, and win, the recognition and respect we deserve.

As a result, all of the wages and conditions members fought so hard to achieve will come into effect on 11 December 2013. Employees will also receive back pay along with the normal pay of 15 December 2013.

All employees will be back-paid 4% on wages earned between 1 July 2013 and the approval of the agreement. Employees in Table Games will receive back pay at the new rates of pay under our new classification structure. The new EA rates of pay (including the 4% increase and any reclassification) will replace previous rates from the pay cycle of 15 December. In the coming week, the United Voice Union Rights Centre will assist members in confirming their correct rates of pay for the new EA.

This new World Class Standard EA delivers wage increases that protect us as the highest-paid casino workers in Australia. The new EA also locks in life-changing career development in areas like Table Games and Security, improved access to time away from work to improve work/life balance, real consultation for job security in areas like Hotels, and the respect of proper consultation about our work.

More than anything, members’ strength and unity throughout this year have made it clear to Crown, and the country, that we are Crown, and we deserve respect!