Over five years wait to go full time

david_durosomo_worklife_403.pngDavid Durosomo, Laundry Attendant – Crown Melbourne

When I joined Crown eight years ago, they said to me I would be put on full-time after three months.

So I didn’t press them, but then it never happened.

A year and a half later I started to press them and I got many different stories. But I didn’t get to go full-time and after a while I gave up.

Five years ago I started pressing them again. But I still got lots of different stories from Crown.  I’ve been working full time for four months now, but  it took me five years to get here.

Is a fair, transparent system to move between part-time bands and full-time work important to you? Tell us why here!

Full-time means more money, but it’s more important than that. When you’re part-time and it’s quiet, they can cut your hours. They can send you home anytime.

But when you’re full-time, no one can send you home. Whether it’s busy or quiet, they have to pay you. So it’s much more secure full-time than part-time.

That’s important because I have two kids. It was very, very difficult when I was part-time and I was sent home early.  My hours were really up and down.

Now things are much better.

So we need transparency about moving from part-time to full-time. This isn’t for me, it’s for people who are in the same position as I was before. We need to  be able to understand the rules.

People need to be able to understand how to convert to full-time, and how long it will take. Right now, you can work part-time for 15 years and still not know how to convert to full-time.

That’s why we all need to be in the union, too.

I tell everyone I work with that we need to speak with one voice, and that’s how we will get what we deserve.

Because as an individual, you can’t fight for your rights. It’s when we work together, when we speak together and when we stick together that we can fight for our rights.