Paid Union Meetings: Next steps to win



Today our Union Bargaining Team announced union meetings will be held at Crown on Wednesday 18 September 2013. ALL Crown staff are entitled to attend these meetings on paid time to help decide about the next steps in our fight to win a World Class Standard in our new EA.  

This comes after members across Crown completed their registration to vote for industrial action. Members have all committed to fight if management does not deliver the world-class offer that we deserve. 

This fantastic show of strength builds on the amazing participation already seen from all staff at Crown.

Thousands of members joined in key actions such as endorsing our World Class Standard, our photo petition and our letters to James Packer.

Together, we’ve sent a powerful message to Crown management, loud and clear: we will fight for our right to a World Class Standard!

“The support union members are giving each other is amazing. The endorsements, the photo petition, the letters to Packer and the commitment to take industrial action – they all send a clear message to Crown management. We are the best! We deserve the best!” said Roger Blyth, a Finance delegate.

Today, our Bargaining Team met for the 11th time with management and made it clear they cannot ignore our claims for World Class Pay, Work/Life Balance, Career Progression, Job Security and Respect.

This meeting focused on resolving the minor issues in our agreement to make sure it is clear, enforceable and easy to use for all Crown employees. 

Delegates also discussed our our key claims for Job Security and Work/Life Balance.

On job security, our delegates put forward a comprehensive proposal to safeguard members against attacks on the jobs of EA staff via the use of cheaper contract workers.

On work/life balance, management recently proposed an additional week of unpaid leave for all staff. Delegates today made it clear that this does not do enough to value and recognise the commitment of staff. 

Our Bargaining Team has called on management to return to the table with a real world-class offer in our next meeting scheduled for Wednesday 11 September.

In the meantime, it is vital that ALL staff RSVP to attend paid union meetings on Wednesday 18 September 2013. These meetings are your chance to show management that we are strong, united and ready to fight for the World Class Standard we deserve.

“It’s really important to be at the meetings on the 18th. This will be a great opportunity to be part of the next steps in our claim for world-class standards. We are Crown – let’s show Crown management who we are!” said Colin Buckle, a Table Games delegate.

So make sure you RSVP to attend our upcoming union meetings to help decide the next steps in our fight to win a World Class Standard.


What you need to do now!

  1. RSVP for the Paid Union Meetings. Don't miss your opportunity to decide the next steps in our campaign for world-class wages and conditions.

  2. Unity is strength – so join our union! Only union members are able to take part in the industrial action, so now is the time to make sure you, and everyone else in your area, are all current union members.