RESPECT – for our rights in the workplace

1. Safety in our workplace – improved training and faster responses to OH&S issues

2. Access to sick leave without harassment – respect for our privacy and our right to take sick leave

3. The right to enforce our agreement – ensuring all staff have the knowledge, skills and power to enforce our EA

RECOGNITION – for our commitment and contribution

4. Weekend night shift allowance – recognition for working unsociable hours away from our families

5. Fair shift swaps – ensuring real roster flexibility

6. Fair and transparent career progression and promotion – clear guidelines for promotion without favouritism

7. Improved access to annual leave – fairer options during busy times

8. Real opportunity for conversion from part time to full time – improving access to full time jobs and higher part time bands

9. Job security and recognition of service – improving redundancy

REWARD – for our hard work and success

10. Fair pay – we deserve to be rewarded for our part in making Crown Melbourne a world leading casino

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