Union members win on purchased leave!

sue-szalay.jpgUnion members have successfully won that right to accrue leave entitlements when we take purchased annual leave.

Members who opted to take additional leave and pay for it over the course of the year recently raised concerns after noticing that they weren’t accruing leave entitlements (such as annual leave and sick leave) when they took their purchased leave – even though these entitlements did accrue when they took their regular annual leave.

Union delegates met with Crown management and demanded that they provide leave accruals to members when they took purchased leave. They argued that the purchased leave should be treated exactly the same as regular annual leave, and that by not providing accrued leave entitlements, members were disadvantaged for exercising their rights. 

When management said NO, your union delegates decided to use our Employee Consultative Committee to try to resolve the dispute. At first, Crown management continued to say NO. But our union reps on the ECC refused to back down and once again demanded that members be given our correct entitlements and Crown senior management agreed to review their earlier decision. 

Union members win!

Crown senior management have now advised that they will start paying the entitlement. This means that when union members take annual leave, they will accrue further leave entitlements as if they had worked – regardless of whether the annual leave is purchase or part of their ordinary yearly entitlement. 

Crown have committed to making the required changes to their system as soon as possible. In the meantime, if members do not have a leave balance because of Crown’s failure to accrue leave when they took purchased leave, they should speak to their union delegate or Crown HR. 

Sue Szalay, a Table Games delegate, said:

"Today we met with Crown senior managers and they pretty much agreed with everything we said about  whether we can accrue leave entitlements while we take purchase leave."

"But when we first raised the issue they were adamant they were right. It's only because we won changes to the Employee Consultative Committee in our EA campaign last year that we can now have proper consultations with senior Crown managers who have the power to make decisions and get issues like this resolved."

"It shows the power we have when stand together as a union. It's another reminder of why we ALL need to be union members."  

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Another win from our EA 2013 campaign

In 2013 casino union members fought for and won the right to a greater work/life balance. 

Under sub-clause 12.1 of our union EA, members can purchase up to two weeks of additional annual leave (taken at our full rate of pay) by agreeing to reduce their fortnightly salary over the course of the year.  

We also won the freedom to choose to take up to two extra weeks of leave in a year by being paid less when we actually took leave, but receiving our full rate for the rest of the year.


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