Casino Union hits the streets

Hundreds of Casino workers rally for first time in 13 years!

Casino Union members stand up and show Crown we wont back down until we get a deal that recognises our sacrifice and rewards our work

Casino staff work over 40 weekends a year on average and the casino won’t recognise the occasions we miss with friends and family or the sacrifices we make. But on Friday night, hundreds of Casino Union members at the first public demonstration in 13 years, showed Crown that we’re unified and strong and will keep fighting until we win a fair deal.

We know that it’s because of our hard work and the world class service we provide is the reason behind the casino’s success. We’re proud of the work we do and want it to be recognised and respected in the pay we receive!

Together, we will win!

By standing together we have made the company move.  We need to keep the pressure up.  Join today to be part of the team to win our fair share.

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