Your team tells Crown: deliver our World-Class Standard

Jac Trimboli, meeting 1EA UPDATE 6

On Wednesday our elected bargaining team met with Crown for our first bargaining meeting to discuss our new EA.

In the meeting, our Union Bargaining Team presented Crown with our World Class Standard and explained the key improvements we need to make to achieve a world class standard in pay, work/life balance, career progression, job security and respect.

Representatives from each department did a fantastic job explaining to Crown the major issues affecting members in our working lives and our solutions.  They also gave examples of why our claim is so important to us.

An enormous 2000 people across Crown have now endorsed our World Class Standard. That meant our Union Bargaining Team was confident in telling management that ALL our claims are vital.

“Today was a good first step. We told them why our claim is so important. It’s now up to Crown to respond to our claims,” said Jac Trimboli, a rep from F&B.

“We also told Crown that the bargaining process needs to be as fast as possible to ensure members get their next pay increase quickly – and Crown agreed with that.” 

Now that we have presented our claim to Crown, the next steps will be for Crown to respond to each item. Another bargaining meeting is set for Friday 7 June. That’s when we’ll talk Crown through our claim in detail and demand a full response by the following meeting.

Now, more than ever, it’s crucial that everyone stands united to win our World Class Standard. We need ALL non-members to join our union now, so we have the strength to win the world class pay and conditions we deserve.

We also need Crown to hear from all members why our claims are so important. That’s why members are visiting our website to explain why our improvements, like an extra week of annual leave, mean so much. So, visit our website and make your voice heard. 

What you need to do now

  1. Unity is strength – so join our union! And if you’re already a member, ask your workmates to join.
  2. Tell us why our claim is important to you. Leave your comment here.


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